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Services Provided

Neonatal and Paediatrics Care

Dr Karen Lim provides specialist paediatric care to newborn, babies, children and adolescents up to and including 16 years. Age exceptions will be considered for paediatrics patients with chronic and complex needs. 

*We are currently not accepting new referrals for behavioural and developmental concerns.*

Newborn In-Patient Care

Dr Karen provide newborn care for babies born at Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane.

This includes:

  • Paediatrician attendance to birth requiring anticipated or emergency neonatal resuscitation.

  • Paediatrician attendance at elective Caesarean section. 

  • Medical daily assessment of newborn soon after birth and during stay as ‘boarder baby’ 

  • Discharge newborn checks

  • Medical care for unwell, premature and babies who require admission to special care nursery 

To request for Dr Karen to care for your baby at birth, please inform your obstetrician to organise a referral on your behalf.

Baby with Toys

General Paediatrics Consult

Dr Karen provides specialist paediatric care from her outpatient clinic

Typical consult includes (not limited to):

  •  6-8 weeks newborn check-up and infant issues

    • Sleeping problem, feeding difficulties, colic, growth, irritability and cow’s milk protein intolerance

  • Development and Behaviour

    • Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), autism spectrum disorder (ASD), Developmental delay, specific learning disorders and intellectual disability

    • Behaviour concerns         

  • Gastrointestinal

    • Constipation, coeliac disease, food intolerance, abdominal pain, gastro-oesophageal reflux

  • Neurological

    • Migraine/ headache, seizure and abnormal movement 

  • Growth

    • Failure to thrive, poor growth, obesity, weight concern, short stature, tall stature and concerns with puberty

  • Skin

    • Eczema management, birthmarks and rashes

  • Renal

    • Urinary tract infection, enuresis and congenital renal abnormalities

  • Sleep

    • Poor sleep and night terrors

  • Respiratory

    • Asthma, chronic cough, recurrent chest infection and pneumonia

  • Complex medical conditions (including syndromes)

  • And other issues affecting children and adolescents. Please have a chat with Dr Karen

All patients will need a valid referral from your GP prior to appointment.

This can organise with your GP through medical objects, fax (07 33715590) or email ( at time of appointment booking. 
**Note: There may be risk with sending personal information through unsecured networks or email channels.

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Paediatrics In-Patient Care

Dr Karen provide paediatrics care for children admitted to Mater Private Children Hospital.

She cares for children admitted with medical concerns requiring specialist paediatrics care, such as (not limited to):

  • Infection 

  • Bronchiolitis and other respiratory tract infection

  • Gastroenteritis

  • Febrile seizures or other seizures

  • Failure to thrive or poor growth

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